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Shepherd of the forest.
Östra Stångviken – Sweden.

It is an early morning and a bit frosty outside. It is late October and the first snow is expected soon. The cold leaks in through the drafty windows in the small shed that we have just gathered in. While we are all still yawning the smell of fresh coffee is slowly helping us to wake up. Today we are going to thin out a rather large area of birch, fir and pine trees, near Östra Stångviken in the north of Sweden.


Landing area

Landing area with felled logs which will later on be processed to timber, fuel or pulp.

Thinning is conducted to improve the growth rate of the forest and to let it grow to its full glory. Hence we need to remove certain trees to create space and nourishment for the remaining ones. We start the day with a short walk to the landing area where yesterdays logs are piled up. On our feet we have the warm and comfy Polyver Premium Safety boot that fits today’s mission perfectly. We mark every other tree so the receiving terminal will know the origin. Then we follow the tracks of the forestry vehicles. This time of year before the ground has frozen the terrain is still wet and muddy. It feels really good to have the warm and watertight boots on our feet.

It is quite a tough walk due to all the delimbed branches on the trail.

We climb onto the mighty forwarder, a forestry vehicle that carries felled logs to the landing site. Due to the boot’s defined heel we can go up the ladder safe and sound. It is warm an cosy inside the cabin and time flies. Log after log is collected and placed on the carrier. They will later on be processed to timber, fuel or pulp. Just when we are almost done with the first load there seems to be some kind of problem with the grapple. We get out and give it a gentle kick. The steel toecaps in the boots slams into the metal. Everything looks to be in order though. The boots are also equipped with a high grip outsole which makes the balancing on the vehicles metal ledges feel safe and secure.


Polyver Premium Safety Boot

The Polyver Premium Safety Boot – fits today’s mission perfectly with features like steel toecaps, defined heel and a high grip outsole.

A while later all the logs are collected and we begin walking towards the harvester. It is quite a tough walk due to all the delimbed branches on the trail. Though the boots keeps us steady and stabile. The reinforced kevlar sole also makes the walk more comfortable as we are stepping on sharp and pointy stumps. It is really a joy working in the forest. The harvesters controls follow every single move while we select the trees that needs to be felled and then delimbed and bucked. We sort and pile the logs neatly, all ready for the forwarder to collect them tomorrow.

As the sun begins to set we decide to head back to the shed. When we arrive after a straight line walk through the forest our boots are really wet and muddy. Fortunately we don’t have to get our hands dirty. Thanks to the boots quick removal tab we can slide out of them without almost any effort at all. Tomorrow we will continue to herd the forest.

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