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Finding ice fishing paradise.
Bräcke County - Sweden.

Have you ever walked on water? In the north of Sweden, from December to end of April the lakes are covered by ice. The excitement of walking on a frozen lake for the first time surrounded by a beautiful winter scenery is a feeling that you will never forget. A wonderful experience that should be put on everyone’s bucket list!

Jämtland is a Winter Wonderland and ice fishing is one of its main delights. It is a cold but beautiful morning, the thermometer shows -16°C. It is beginning of February; the days are getting longer and the fish seem to be awakening from their winter sleep. We put on our Polvyer Winter RS boots and set off to Bräcke County. We walked through the forest until we reached one of the many lakes in the area where we found the perfect fishing spot. As we arrive on location, the sun shines bright and reverberates on the snow accentuating the general brightness around us. It is a beautiful day to be outdoors.

Frozen lake

A beautiful frozen lake in Bräcke county.

Sitting on ice for hours require the right equipment. The Winter RS boots are the perfect fit for anglers spending a long cold day on the lake. The removable lining provides warmth and comfort and dries quickly and the aluminium sole gives greater insulation. As we get closer to the lake, we attach our Polyver spikes for a perfect grip on snow and ice.

Polyver Winter RS

Polyver Winter RS boots – Year-round use thanks to its removable sock!

Once on the lake and our fishing spot found, we had to dig a hole in the ice. We made many rounds with our hand ice auger until we broke through the different layers of the lake and could then dive our line to catch the fish. After drilling a hole through the ice, we took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the nature surrounding us.

A white coated wonderland as far as the eye can see, a relaxing silence, until the rush of hunting under ice kicks in.

The trickiest step is to gently pull the line and put our hand in the hole to catch the fish before it escapes. We did not catch one but many perch that day.

First catch

Catched our first perch.

After a successful day, we decided to treat ourselves to “fika”, the perfect time to warm up and share stories of the best catch around a good campfire. Although we were tempted to eat it all, we kept some fish to share with our loved ones.

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