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Family fun at
Jamtli Christmas Fair.

Christmas is coming up and what does not better suit than an afternoon with the kids and a visit to the local Christmas fair. A perfect way to start of the holidays and to get into that special Christmas mood. Since it is a quite chilly day the children have their warm Polyver Winter boots on, all of them have chosen different colors. The oldest one have the dark green, the middle one the blue and the youngest really love the pink ones. Mum and dad have the more modest black Polyver Winter Low boots on.

The whole family is gathered to watch the goats play in their paddock.

The fair is already crowded and the marketplace is lit up with all sorts of light decorations. It smells of spices, sweets, spruce and kolbullar, a traditional local dish prepared over open fire. The youngest is very eager to meet up with Santa Claus, or Jultomten as he is called in Sweden. He really wants to make sure that the train set he wants for Christmas is taken in consideration. After the wish lists have been handed over we move on to watch the goats play in their paddock. Suddenly we hear sleigh bells ringing. The kids run ahead and we meet up with the sleigh driver who is happy to take us for a ride. The whole family enjoys being in the sleigh, as we pass through the woods we can hear a choir singing carols in the small chapel nearby.

Amazingly, none of the children have complained of cold feet yet.

After a quick refill of energy with gingerbread cookies we decide it’s time to let the kids play for a while. Their boots follow every move and are really flexible, simply perfect for climbing, jumping and crawling at the playground. As the afternoon passes to evening the temperature drops. Amazingly, none of the children have complained of cold feet yet. Only dad is nagging about his freezing hands. We warm ourselves at a bonfire before we head back to the market square. We stroll around for a while at the stalls. Here you can find local delicacies like cheeses, jams and the traditional flat breads. All a must have for the Christmas dinner.

The family meet up with the horses and the sleigh driver, who is happy to take us for a ride.

An enjoyable day with the family is about to end. Now we are all ready for the holidays. We head homewards loaded with Christmas spirit and warm feet.

The two older children warm their hands by the bonfire with not a single complaint about cold feet during the day.

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