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Early winter adventure.
Bydalsfjällen – Sweden.

At last the day has come. The moment we so eagerly have been longing for during the past eight months is finally here. Over the last two days a blizzard has passed with massive amounts of snowfall and left us with a thick layer of fresh powder snow. Everything is set for this season’s first trip to the mountains with the snowmobiles.

We are in Bydalen in the flat mountains of Jämtland, in the north of Sweden. A winter sports resort especially known for alpine skiing but also for its beautiful surroundings. It is a bright and crisp morning with a temperature of minus five degrees. Simply a fantastic day to spend outdoors.


A beautiful morning in Bydalsfjällen – Jämtland.

On our feet we have the Polyver Premium Low boots which suits today’s trip perfectly. They are very warm and they have excellent walking comfort. Due to their flexibility and suppleness they are also ideal for maneuvering snowmobiles in rough terrains.

Polyver Winter Low

Polyver Premium Low Boots – warm, flexible and supple.

We leave our cottage and set of on snowy trails. It feels great to finally get going. We explore the trails on our way to the top and after a couple of detours we manage to find the right path. Suddenly the weather gets worse, as it often does in this part of Sweden. Dark clouds fill the sky and the temperature drops. The snow starts falling again and as we reach higher grounds the wind picks up in intensity.

We cross fairly tough and hilly terrain before we reach the mountain top.

Above the tree line the ground is covered with soft snow. When we get of the snowmobiles we sink deep down, all the way up to our thighs. Luckily we do not get any snow inside our boots because of the adjustable collar that keeps all the snow away.


On our way back to the cottage. Still with warm feet.

It is getting colder and it is not so pleasant to be outdoors anymore. Due to the strong wind we decide that it is time to get back. We are a bit cold but our feet are still warm.

Here in the north, this time of year, the days are fairly short. The sun sets early in the afternoon and when we arrive to the cottage it is already dark. We are tired and hungry but it is nice to get inside and warm ourselves. Before it is time for dinner we remove the insole from the boots and put them to dry on the heater. Tomorrow we will head out for new adventures. Let’s just hope that the weather will be better.

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