This blog belongs to POLYVER®. We are a precursor of polyurethane boots and have become the benchmark for protection against natural elements, especially cold. Our production site is based in the north of Sweden in the Jämtland region, known for its lakes and forests as well as its extreme climatic conditions.

In this blog we share stories about our products put in a user context. The purpose is to inspire and encourage you to get out and discover your surroundings, regardless of temperature, season or terrain. Simply to help you to walk the walk. We also hope we can surprise you by presenting features you never knew existed. By doing this we believe we can simplify your everyday life and your leisure time.

Whether you enjoy hunting, fishing, walking or snowmobiling, or have professional uses in mind, POLYVER® boots will fit your needs perfectly in your environment.

We hope you will enjoy the stories we would like to share.